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Three UEFA Cup places were awarded to Fair Play entrants based on 2002/03 Fair Play results. The country topping the European Fair Play League got an automatic entry and all those above a certain co-efficient went into a draw for the other two places. The winning national associations awarded the UEFA cup place to the top club in their own Fair Play league who had not already won a place in a European competition for the season. England won an automatic Fair Play place for 2003/04 and Manchester City became the English representatives.

Season 2003/04

UEFA Cup Results

Game Date Opposition Result H/A Round
1 14/08/2003 Total Network Solutions Won 5-0 Home Qualifying Round 1st Leg
2 28/08/2003 Total Network Solutions Won 2-0 Away Qualifying Round 2nd Leg
Manchester City Won 7-0 on aggregate
3 24/09/2003 Lokeren Won 3-2 Home 1st Round 1st Leg
4 15/10/2003 Lokeren Won 1-0 Away 1st Round 2nd Leg
Manchester City Won 4-2 on aggregate
5 06/11/2003 Groclin Dyskobolia Drew 1-1 Home 2nd Round 1st Leg
6 27/11/2003 Groclin Dyskobolia Drew 0-0 Away 2nd Round 2nd Leg
Manchester City Lost on the Away Goals Rule after Drawing 1-1 on aggregate